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Welcome to our 2024 Winter & Spring collection of day excursions.

A big thank you to our regular travellers for your continued support and loyalty, it is greatly appreciated. We would also like to extend a warm welcome to new travellers with us and look forward to seeing you all soon.

Travel by coach and travel green. Our coach like most modern coaches in the country is powered by a low emission, highly efficient Euro 6 engine. Per passenger kilometre, our coaches’ greenhouse gas emissions are lower than cars, trains, and planes (Dept for Transport’s Transport & environment statistics, Oct 2022). Plus, travelling by coach is one of the safest ways to travel, it is user friendly, efficient, and affordable ( Let us do the driving, no need to worry about which route to take, where to park and the cost of fuel. As you are not driving, if you want to you can enjoy a drink with your lunch! So, join us on one or more of our excursions, sit back, relax, travel with friends, make new ones and enjoy the scenery, all in the knowledge you are in safe hands, you are doing your bit for the environment and supporting a local company.

We don’t have countless pickup points. This way we are not stopping at every other bus stop, and you are not on the coach for ages going around just collecting or dropping off people. It does mean that for some we pick up close to your house, sadly for others it may mean that we go past your house, we appreciate it is frustrating, your understanding is appreciated.
We don’t use feeder coaches, taxis, or interchanges on our excursions, so there is no hanging around for ages at a service area or layby waiting for the feeder coach or taxi to arrive.
We don’t use fancy sales gimmicks to get bookings and get you to part with your money, just good old fashioned customer care.
We don’t do constant cancellations. We may have to cancel the odd excursion, but we will try and operate excursions even if bookings are low that way you as our customer have the confidence to book with us.
We don’t operate our excursions on a shoestring. This may mean we appear to be expensive, but we cover all our costs, you get value for money and hopefully have an enjoyable time with us. We also put a great deal of time and thought in the planning of the excursions to ensure that were we are going is suitable, what we planning to do is achievable and the day will run as smooth as possible. We don’t always get it right, but we do try.

For our 2024 winter and spring collection of excursions, we have tried to create a blend of excursions that suite all tastes which includes tried and tested favourites along with new destinations. 2024 is the 80th anniversary of D-Day, so we have included a visit to IWM Duxford for their special summer airshow commemorating this special anniversary. Responding to comments, for each excursion we have now given the time of the first pickup and the approximate time we expect to be back.

Many of our regular passengers have been travelling with us for years, have become friends and make new travellers with us feel welcome and part of the family. So if you have not travelled with us before give us a try. Travel with C & J Tours and travel with friends. We look forward to welcoming you aboard and having the pleasure of your company on one or more of our excursions.

If you are interested in any of our excursions and want to book or require more information, please contact us on: 01245 222477
Our office hours are: Monday – Friday 09.00-17.00

MINIMUM NUMBERS: All our excursions require a minimum number of passengers in order to operate.

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Errors & Omissions
Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy in the compilation of this excursion leaflet, any further additional leaflets and our website, errors, omissions, and changes may occur, and we reserve the right to correct prices and details in such circumstances. Before making a reservation, please confirm prices and details with us and view the itinerary of the excursion you are booking to ensure it is suitable for you.